Andrey  Danilov

The artist of Joy


The artist of Joy


Andrey Danilov


04.05.1970. Russia

At present time

Moscow, Russia


Moscow State University. Physics Department.

Moscow Higher School of Economics. MBA degree.





I started with figurative painting but gave up plot drawing later and focused on colour and form.

My palette – crystal clear colours and their contrast combinations. 

Conciseness and decorativeness combined with minimalism and vigorous touch of loose lines surprise even me.

If you gaze at peculiar patterns – vortexes, space of works expands and can swallow you whole. This is the live experiment space – with form, colour, static and flow.

What is important for me is to transmit joy of the world, light and bright life perception.

To what I'm doing now I've been getting through jars, bottles, trees, bushes and other stuff but it was all derivative and tedious. What is happening now is explosion, excitement, freshness and great desire to create my vibrant works!


All around lemon. Paper A3, sanguine, velourssauce, 1997г.

The three. Canvas on cardboard, tempera, 40x30 cm, 1998г.

Rio Rita. Paper A3, pencil, 1998г.

Shwanar. Persimmon. Paper A3, sanguine, velourssauce 1998г.

Shwanar. Clay. Paper, sanguine, velourssauce, 1998г.

Attraction. Canvas, acrylic, 50x50 cm , 2020 г.

Virus. Canvas, acrylic, 40х60 см, 2020 г.

Perception. Canvas, acrylic, 80х120 см, 2020 г.

Substance. Canvas, acrylic, 100х100 см, 2020 г.

Jazz. Canvas, acrylic, 100х120 см, 2020 г.

Island. Canvas, acrylic 120х80 см, 2021 г.

Scrutinize. Canvas,  acrylic^ 100х100 см, 2021 г.

Connection. Canvas, acrylic, 100х100 см, 2021 г.

Equilibrium. Canvas, acrylic, 80х120 см, 2021 г.